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1 Year with Eastyn

Last weekend we celebrated Eastyn’s first year of life! In true Eastyn fashion she put on a show opening her presents followed by casually plucking the top tier off of her mini cake and chombing bites into it. She is adventurous, social, smart and curious. We couldn’t be more proud of the little girl she is growing into! 

 This past year, I think both Greg and I can agree we have grown more as individuals and in our marriage than any other yet. 

I’ll speak for myself in saying that she has made me so much better of a person. I always thought being a parent meant raising your child(ren) to be x,y,z but, it is actually the opposite. She is shaping more and more who I am. Selfless, patient, affectionate and efficient are the first things that come to my mind (I’m probably the fastest eater ever now). Eastyn has drastically changed my outlook on life for the better. I’ve learned to relax on routine, but still stay true to who I am and make time for the things that I find most important. 

Greg and I both are working full-time and juggling our own passions. We are very busy at time, but who isn’t? We all are, it’s a part of life! I do sometimes dream of the days where time felt endless.

I’ll recap what an average day looks like for Eastyn, how we deal with childcare, what some of her favorite toys are and everything else. 

A Day in the Life: 

A day in the life of Eastyn involves lots of digging in the cupboards and find new things to play with. She loves her dollies and books, too. Mostly though she is on the run (literally). I have put safety locks on any cabinets that pose danger, but our pantry is open game for her to play with. One of the biggest things with EJ is that we encourage her to be independent and self sufficient. This dates all the way back to our decision to do baby-led weaning – which has made her a great eater today. I think meal time is one of her favorite times! 

We are lucky enough to have help during the week from loved ones. Eastyn’s auntie watches her on Mondays, Grandma does Tue-Wed, and we have a nanny come on Thursday’s. Fridays are a bit up in the air and we adjust each week. We have drop in day’s at a daycare which she enjoys, but she won’t sleep there which makes me feel bad sending her! Once she’s a bit older, we will re-evaluate. 

Here’s an average day for Eastyn: 

7 AM Wakes Up for Day
5 OZ. bottle
8 AM Breakfast
9:30 AM First Nap
5 OZ. Bottle
12:30 PM Lunch
2:30 PM Second Nap
5 OZ. Bottle
5:30 PM Dinner
7:15 PM Bedtime

Over the next couple of weeks we will work toward phasing out her bottle feedings and introduce more cows milk with meals. We just met with her pediatrician and talked through that transition. 

Honestly, I am not really ready for this! EJ drinks great from sippy cups, but our bottles are a special cuddly time for us, I’m having flashbacks of what it was like to have to be done nursing. I will maintain her morning and night bottles for a little bit longer. 

Eastyn’s naps are continuing to get later and later, mostly because we don’t always wake her up in the morning. I feel like she will drop down to one earlier than most kiddos. Overall, we will follow her queues and adjust as needed. 

She is sleeping great overall, but has been a bit more challenging to get down at night. I rock her to sleep at bedtime, and she knows how to fight me on it now!

Meal Time:

As I mentioned before, meal time is one of our favorites. In general she is open to trying and scarfing down anything. We still use our beloved Ikea Highchair, with ezpz plates, and silicon bibs

Our favorites for breakfast consist of any form of eggs, yogurt, toast, steel cut outs, fruit, and sometimes a muffin. She usually gets what myself or Grandma is in the mood for :) For lunch and dinner we serve variations of whatever we are having, from turkey sandwiches to salmon and rice, we can make it work. Often, we give her a pouch to make sure she is getting what she needs. With meals, we serve water in her camelback, weighted straw cup, or Nuk sippy. I switch it up so she is comfortable drinking from a variety of types. 

The only “ regression” with eating has been with her use of silverware. As she’s started to eat more food, she got impatient with a loaded spoon and moved on with just her hands. Other days she delicately places food on the spoon and puts it in her mouth. It really depends on her mood! 


Oh boy, the toys. If you follow me on Instagram and see my stories, you will know how much her toys have taken over our living room! Her most actively used toys, (other than books) I will list down below as ideas for others that are shopping for a young one’s Birthday or Christmas. Check them out below!

What’s Next?

Eastyn has a whole lot to look forward to as she continues to learn and grow. We are so excited for her future and are so proud of her. I’ve never loved someone so much in this way- ever, and anyone with kids will understand that statement. The biggest thing on the horizon for our family is moving. It doesn’t really feel real to say that yet! We have found a new home only about 10 minutes from where we currently live and have decided to make a change. It’s going to be chaos, but so worth it and we are grateful for this opportunity. More on that to come!

With love,

xoxo E

Top 1 year old Gifts: 

Mini Basketball Hoop
Bunny Lounging Pillow
Baby Doll (Baby Stella)
Wooden Baby Stroller
Comfy 2 piece PJ’s
Pull Behind toy
Baby Play Carriage / Bassinet
Anti-slip Socks
Activity table
Bath Mat / Faucet Protector
Interactive Bath Toy









I purchased all of her birthday decorations on Amazon and was so impressed with them! Plus it made my life easy:

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