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10 Baby-Led Weaning Breakfast Ideas

When we first started EJ with baby-led weaning at 6 months, I’d never felt so lost. Meal times, which could be so simple with rice cereal and purees were often troubling because I wasn’t sure what foods to try with her, and was nervous! The only advice I have if you are interested in the baby-led weaning approach is to use your motherly instinct, read your baby cues, and follow the “rules”. By rules, I mean make sure that your little is ready for BLW! For more details on our start check out this blog post.

We started slow meaning, starting with natural soft foods, but served them in their natural state. Some people are comfortable diving right in with this method and serve baby a steak, potatoes, and green beens. We soon expanded into any steamable veggie and any fruit. It took Eastyn about a month to get more interested in eating, and at almost 9 months she loves meal time! We actually started with doing just dinner, slowly introduced breakfast, and now are doing a small lunch/snack too.

The blog post specifically provides 10 ideas for baby led breakfasts. The images also show how I have prepared the different foods. Breakfast is naturally more easy imo because most traditional breakfast foods are soft and easy to cut into strips for baby! Some other things about these meals – for yogurt I typically buy Fage or Siggis (both whole fat or 2%), I use natural nothing else added) peanut butter or almond butter, & I use Fairlife Milk or breastmilk to make the cream of wheat). I typically use part box pancake mix and part egg and oat flour… a different concoction every time! Linked out is the silicon training spoons, silicon bibs and ezpz plates we use! For the high chair, we use the Ikea Antilop and purchased this insert off of Etsy for comfort.

Almond butter toast strips, banana spears, & yogurtShredded apple and zucchini pancakes, orange slices, and omelet strips
Blueberry Pancakes and Hard-boiled eggsSweet potato strips, pea/egg/spinach quiche, and kiwiPeach-raspberry pancakes, turkey sausage, and cream of wheatSteel cut oats, (cooled and rolled into balls), peach, and hard boiled eggsToast with jam, blueberries, and cream of wheatBaked apples, omelet strips, and oatmeal
Avocado on english muffin, raspberries, cheerios, and oatmealBanana Pancakes, cheerios, and peaches
Yogurt, french toast and cereal

If you counted right, it was actually 11 breakfast ideas! :) bonus! Enjoy your messy meal times!


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