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I have been an artist ever since I can remember. Since my childhood, I’ve kept a portfolio of drawings, I knew that art would play a role in my future life.  When it came time for college I wanted to incorporate my love for art in my education. Alongside a degree in Marketing, I was able to major in Studio Arts. Throughout my college years, I never felt like I had a style or medium that captured the message I was trying to portray.  As an artist, you want to be proud of your art and feel good about it hanging on a wall by itself when you take a step back.

Not until just over a year of graduating did I get back into painting. I finally started to really enjoy the process and the finished pieces. We moved into a house where there was space for my own real studio, and now I have a stack of paintings piling up that I want to share with others.

I hope that you can find as much joy in my paintings as I finally do!

Artist Statement:

I create my artwork primarily using acrylic and charcoal on canvas. The subject matter is the paint itself. The application of the paint and the process that it is applied is very important in the creation of my work. Figurative and landscape elements have found their way into my paintings as well. Although their importance is minimal, what unifies this collection is my immediacy in thought and intuition in the development of each piece. I focus on applying the paint quickly to the canvas, and that immediacy is seen in the brush strokes. If ever begin to overthink what I am doing, I know it is time to leave the studio for awhile. With every visit to the studio, I slowly portray a trail of thought and sentiment in each piece. I enjoy working on many pieces at a time, so that I can take a step back on a few of them and reflect on the successes and failures. While there is no measurable end point in each painting, I can usually tell when it is done. The piece has been worked many times, covered up, re-thought, and studied.

My painting involves a process, and no process for each piece is identical to another. If I’ve made a painting and that’s how I wanted it to be, hopefully it can speak for itself and whatever it says to the viewer is the right message. Each person interprets things a little different from the same thing; there isn’t a right and a wrong message. Only when I was able to embrace that freedom in my painting and interpretation, rather than fear it, did I begin to produce work I was pleased with.

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