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The Camouflage Backpack

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Is Your Closet Really Complete Without a Camo Backpack?

**With this spring thaw creeping up, I’m happy to say there is still plenty of snow up north!

Backpacks have come a long way in my book of fashion over the years. A backpack originally was the statement piece you picked out at the beginning of a school year, usually a Jansport- at least if you were a 90’s kid! Now, a fashionable backpack, much different from the ones in school days, needs to be a staple piece in a guy or gals closet.

I originally bought this camouflage Michael Kors backpack for traveling, but have found myself using this for a variety of events: A trip to the orchard, overnight bag, lake day, amusement park trip, day-party, diaper bag (haven’t used it for that yet, but I do plan on it), and a picnic day… I’m sure I am missing a few other times it’s came in handy, but I usually rack up a few compliments whenever it makes it out the door with me.

Some people aren’t a fan of camouflage- I don’t fit into that category. If I could rock camo every day, I definitely would!

I got this backpack a few years ago and it’s held up great, probably because it’s not designed to be an everyday bag, just a statement piece on certain occasions, which is how I’ve used it. I wasn’t able to track down this exact backpack not sold out, but I found a few others that I’d love to add to my closet.

I’ve tried to mix in an array of pricing. We all need a camo backpack, just depends on how much you want to spend on it :)


My BackPack: Michael Kors / SOLD OUT

Close Match: VALENTINO Camouflage Leather Backpack / $1,785

Close Match: Michael Kors Camo-Print Messenger Backpack/ $299

Close Match (LOVE THIS!): nicole lee Laquanna Print Mini Backpack/ $69

Convertible Mini Julian Nylon Backpack / $125

POP QUIZ Herschel Supply Co. / $110

MZ Wallace Metro Backpack / $110

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