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First Week of Life with Baby #2 – My Top 8 Most Used Items

I had so much anxiety about welcoming a second babe into our lives, but I am so relieved with how well we’ve all adjusted. She is just pure joy! Prior to her arrival, I did invest in a few new things and dig up some things I used with Eastyn. Here are my Top 8 most used items in the first week of this new way of life!

Barefoot Dreams Robe

I debated for a LONG time if I really needed this – but it was so perfect for the hospital. It is unisex so it is oversized, I used it as a blanket and robe in the hospital. It is great to snuggle up with baby in and the fabric is stretchy so you can maneuver it to fill in the gaps of your body when nursing, etc.

Wedge Bed Pillow

(For nursing in bed, provides amazing back support!)

SnuggleMe Nursing Pillow

The tapered sides allow you to really wrap it tightly around your body, providing support for you and baby while nursing.

Vava Nightlight(Tap on and cordless)

The best thing EVER! I use this next to the bed for dim lighting when transitioning her in and out of the bassinet.

Postpartum Emotional Support

I bought this ahead of time, knowing that I struggled with baby blues with my first. I don’t know if this is the reason why, but my mood is way more under control!

Boco Baby Blanket

This is the perfect size most snuggly custom baby blanket for your little one, also a GREAT gift for a new baby! Get the regular size.

Button Down Pajama Set

I have two sets of this set from Kindred Bravely! So comfy and perfect for hospital and home lounging after baby.  use code EMILY20KB for 20% your order, too!

Silk Eye Mask

I am not a great napper, so this is perfect for me during the day. So soft and comfy/not too tight around my head.

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