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Gift Ideas Your Bridesmaids Will Love

Gift Ideas Your Bridesmaids Will Love – It’s not always easy picking out gifts for your bridesmaids, the women in your life who mean so much to you!

Weddings can be stressful, but no matter hows stress-filled the experience is, none of it will matter on the day of. It will go down as one of the BEST days of your life!! No matter what goes right… or wrong. Our ceremony was outdoors at our cabin and it POURED rain! We got a tent last minute, despite me really not wanting to. Let’s just say it was still a wet day, but it made it incredibly romantic and I wouldn’t change a thing about it.

I wish I could marry Greg over and over again every summer!

About a month ago I got the pleasure of becoming a bride again, getting dolled up by Lady Vamp Artistry for their 2018 Bridal Look Book. We stared the day off by getting our hair and makeup glammed, then got accessorized and dressed by The White Room, Minneapolis. I found my actual wedding dress at L’atelier Couture, but had my alterations done by The White Room- so it was fun to work with them again!

Here are all the talented artists to credit for this shoot!
Hair & Makeup – Lady Vamp Artistry@ladyvampartistry
Photographer – Jenna Mahr@jennamahr
Gowns & Accessories – The White Room@thewhiteroommpls
Florals – Sister Honey Floral Co.@sisterhoneyfloralco

Summer is officially underway – so is wedding season. Which means you will likely attend a wedding, be in one, and even more thrilling- maybe have one!

No matter where you are in the pecking order, you will quickly discover everything that comes with weddings tends to get expensive quickly. If you’re the one having the wedding (congrats), everything all seems small until it starts to tally up, and all of a sudden – zoinks! Now, it comes time to get your bridesmaids gift and with this trend of big wedding parties, comes a large expense that often gets overlooked during planning.

When I got married in August of 2016 I searched high and low for a clever gift for my (8) ladies who meant so much to me. In the beginning, I was determined to gift them this Tiffany’s silver bracelet. While they were beautiful I felt the “more responsible” move would be for me to cover the cost of their hair and makeup, but I still felt weird showing up empty-handed to our rehearsal. I googled endlessly for a unique gift, and while I did find some things I ended up going with something status quo. I ended up gifting my ladies the cost of their hair-do and then gifted them Victoria’s Secret T-Shirt PJs along with a more affordable Silver knot bracelet and a Mason jar drinking tumbler.

The following summer I was in 4 weddings, they were all uniquely beautiful and I got to be on the receiving end of the bridesmaid side. I was incredibly impressed with my besties and the gifts I’d received for being a part of their day. In July, I was a part of one of my best friend Molly’s wedding, and she gifted us (among other things) a pair of pink Pigalle Christian Louboutin’s.

Don’t we all wish we could give our best friends a pair of those?  

Combined with my experience as a bride, and the experience on the receiving end, I thought I’d share some unique alternatives to a bridesmaid gift for all those brides out there looking for some inspiration!

Before we get into the material things, you must, must, must, include a personal handwritten note with the bridesmaid gift. I’m a sucker for this kind of stuff, but this is where you truly get to say “I love you and I am so grateful to have you by my side on my special day!” 

Here are some ideas to consider:

  1. Love Your Melon Beanie or Baseball Cap

    • I love this brand because it gives back (50% of profits given) but their products are also great quality and cute! One of the weddings I was in last year, the bride gifted us all LYM beanies and I thought it was such a cute idea. It’s also fun because you can pick all of your ladies different styles based on their personalities. Check out their adorable baseball caps and beanies here                    
  2. A neutral MAC lip color to wear on the day of 

  3. Hair or Beauty Package

  4. Custom Artwork or Sketch

    • There are tons of great custom illustrations on Etsy- how cute are these by Dimple Illustration? I like this idea because it is thoughtful, incredibly unique, a good memento and something that most people wouldn’t buy for themselves.
  5. Monogrammed Clutch

Have flower girls?
Consider the opposite for them, and go the more cliché route with them since this opportunity may not happen often. I gifted my two flower girls these customized bracelets and jewelry boxes from Things Remembered– and I hope this is a memento for them as they grow older.

Happy Wedding Season!


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