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“Oh Dad, I Love You Dad” A Letter From Your Baby

Over the last month I’ve come across a few beautiful poems that spoke to Moms. Greg’s additionally sent me a couple through Facebook, which usually make me shed a tear or two (like this one on breastfeeding and this one). Why do these things always pull at your heart strings? Or am I still just an emotional mess? Lol.

Over the last few weeks I’ve felt a great deal of gratitude for Greg. During the long stretches where it’s just been Eastyn and I at home, it’s made me aware of the challenges he will soon face when I return to work in March and his role of a stay at home dad develops. We don’t know exactly what the future holds with our careers and how our care for Eastyn will be impacted, but for now, our plan is for Greg to be the primary stay at home parent with some assistance (help from my mom and potentially another caregiver based on how he is feeling). 

I feel like society (despite it being 2019) hasn’t entirely welcomed the idea for the man to be the primary stay at home as much as I’d expect. There is a ton of postpartum care and support for the Mom, which is well needed with all that we go through, but I do think there’s a gap in support for Dad’s. Especially ones that plan to stay at home with baby. I realize that me writing Greg a poem doesn’t give him that support or gratitude that is due, but it won’t end here. I guess I’m just expressing my thoughts on the topic.

During a night feeding this past weekend, Eastyn had fallen asleep in my arms after and I had a little wave come over me, and I wrote this little poem to Greg (or Dad from Eastyn). She’s far too small to express this in words, but I know she feels this way. Mom’s can just tell those sort of things… :) So I helped her get it down on paper.

Oh Dad, I Love You Dad
by Emily Stiemsma

Oh Dad, I love you Dad. Do you know how much I love you?

I’m comprised of you, do you see it? I have your eyes and lips and by the looks of my growth chart I think I have your height. I have your white blonde hair and your calm temper.

I can’t wait to be like you when I grow up.

Oh Dad, I love you Dad. Did I tell you how great of a job you’re doing yet, Dad?

I know some days can be hard, there is no handbook for this job. I cry and you give me everything I could possibly want, but sometimes I just want Mom. I hope you can understand.

In the womb, I heard your voice and I felt your squeeze and warmth when you wrapped your arms around us. I felt your love Dad before I met you. This job, caring for me and Mom is a big one but someone picked you for this and it’s someone far greater than us. Keep trying Dad, you’re doing a great job.

Oh Dad, I love you Dad. Do you know how much I appreciate you?

I know some days you may feel lost, but you’re doing exactly what you’re supposed to. You’re here with Mom and I. You come when she cries just like you do for me. I know you love me because I see how much you love Mom.

But sometimes, like her, you don’t give yourself enough credit. I know that every decision you’ve made over the last year- before I was even born was made with me in mind. I know that you’ve made sacrifices. I know the future can sometimes seem unclear, I know it’s not easy. Oh Dad, I really do appreciate you. I appreciate all that you do.

Oh Dad, I love you Dad. Did you know you’re never alone?

On the days coming when it’s just you and I, please remember that. You taught me before I was born that we have a God mightier than anyone and that He is always with us.

I know there will be some days that are great and others that are long. Please continue to be patient with me. He picked me for you Dad. And you for me. And together, we are never alone.

Oh Dad, I love you Dad. Don’t you see how much I love you? Don’t you see how great of a job you’re doing, how much I appreciate you? Don’t you see you’re never alone?

You’re the best, Dad.

xoxo E & E

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