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Top 5 Favorite Baby Clothing Brands

There are hundreds of baby brands out there for clothing and there is no denying that all parents have their favorites! Check out my Top 5 favorite baby clothing brands for Eastyn. My most important clothing feature is comfort – and that is the main reason I love these brands. 

#1 Kate Quinn Organics

My favorite items for Eastyn all come from Kate Quinn organics. From the basics to their adorable dresses, I have yet to buy something from them that I don’t like. Their patterns and designs are always changing so you’d better snag what you like quickly. If you are looking for super soft items, indulge in their bamboo line! You will not be disappointed. 

#2 Kickee Pants

Kickee Pants makes the best PJS ever. In zipper and button, their footies are hard to beat. Their stuff is very thin, soft, and stretchy. We own their bed sheets for our bedding and also have a few of their baby blankets. You can purchase direct from their site and also find some on Amazon. 

#3 Burts Bees

From chapstick to baby clothes – Burts knows what they are doing! My favorite PJs to date are their zip up footies. There are a soft organic cotton that are warm enough but not too thick for summer. I have bought mine on Amazon and now Target carries them. These are by far the best bang for your buck.

#4 L’oved Baby 

Given Eastyn was born in the winter, I was on the hunt for a thicker materialed footie for the day time and easy to put on kimono snap long sleeves. This brand also has great preemie and newborn sizing. These are my favorite items available on Amazon:

Kimono Long Sleeve

#5 Amazon Hosted Brands

I have discovered a couple Amazon hosted brands that I really like. Those being: Moon and Back and Owlivia! Owlivia is nice and thick similarly to L’oved Baby. 

Here are a few of my favorites:
M&B Organic Rompers
M&B Sleeveless Onsies
Owlivia Footless Onsie


I hope you find joy in some of these brands that I shared. Whether you’re expecting, have a little one, or have a gift to give, you can’t go wrong with one of the above!

XO – Emily

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