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The 10 Things I’m Loving Right Now

Before I dive into the 10 Things I’m Loving Right Now, I need to address something. I have been a bit in the clouds over the last couple months. A busy time at work resulted in a bit of a priority shift and a creative block – that combined with some career changes (and high stress levels) put Works of E on the back burner. I’m sure you can all relate to a time in your life where the pieces just didn’t quite fit together as planned. I know that this time was going to be temporary and I needed to take care of myself first! I’m working get back into a groove and introduce back writing and painting – things that I so enjoy having a part of my life.

We all have our go-to items, apps, websites, and goods that we absolutely adore. When we first discovered them, a little person inside of us did a happy dance. I remember in a marketing course in college our professor explained that the best products evolve as a solution to a common problem shared by many. I don’t know about you but some of my favorite products/things do fill a void, but a void that I didn’t even know existed until the solution unveiled itself!

I am going to share my top 10 things that I’m loving right now. And, maybe these will fill a void in your life that you didn’t even know existed too!

1. Outdoor Voices “Athleisure”

Athleisure is the best type of leisure.

If you’ve heard of Lululemon and wear their clothing, you need to know about the brand Outdoor Voices. I don’t like comparing them directly because I think Outdoor Voices takes a far better stance on certain things like body love and equality- but their clothing price and quality is comparable. I came across this brand on IG and ordered a few of their crop tops. First- I love the way they fit and I’ve received so many compliments when I wear them. When I say it’s from Outdoor Voices not one person has been familiar with the brand, and we need to change that!

I’m always eyeing up their seasonal colors… pretty much anything on their site is to die for.

Here I’m wearing my cloudknit tee and the 7/8 spring leggings, both in an XS. I also own a few of the in tri-tone slashback crops and I’m SO in love!

2. Nespresso + Milk Frother

I’ve always admired the woman that orders black coffee. I’m still working towards that flavor palette. For now, I have to share my new found love for espresso. 

One day we were shopping at the mall and Williams and Sonoma was sampling their Nespresso and milk frothers. I took the lady up on her demo to get a free drink, and I was totally impressed and how good it tasted and how affordable a Nespresso actually was! I always thought that they cost a minimum $400 (which some do). To my surprise, Macy’s and Williams & Sonoma offer many under $200, especially if you wait for a sale.

This was at the top of my Christmas list last year. I researched lots of reviews to see which one best first my lifestyle. I ended up buying the Inissia Nespresso + the milk frother. I love it! I noticed there was a newer similar model available at a great price too – the Nespresso Essenza Mini espresso!

Don’t forget to order the pods too, I bought a sample pack from amazon.

3. Podcasts

When I finally discovered the existence of Podcasts (whoops, at 24) I kind of felt like I had lived under a rock. I mean- there are podcasts about everything! Money, Politics, Pop culture, Sex, Self-Help. You name it! I tested a few, but landed on two favorites:

The Lady Gang
The Skinny Confidential

Both of these podcasts are light-hearted, entertaining, not too distracting at the desk, yet still very informative. Every time I tune in I learn something that enhances my life and usually get a few laughs out of them.

4. Facebook Groups

As a spin-off of the Podcasts- I learned about the world of Facebook Groups! Both podcasts mentioned joining their private FB groups. It’s basically a woman’s- only private group where ladies go to ask for advice or to vent. The best part, there a million spin-off groups from both pages. You name it and I bet a Lady Gang or Skinny confidential group has been created to cater to it. Some examples, small business owners, realtors, bloggers, motherhood, trying to conceive. 

I am not one to call up my friends a lot, and I feel like I have instantly made thousands of virtual girlfriends. It sounds silly- but it’s so true! Give it a try. Even better- you can just be a fly on the wall in these groups too and pick up on advice or opinions of others simply by reading through posts of others. 

5. Poshmark

I have been a user of Poshmark I think since its birth (2013). Poshmark is an online buying/selling community. I am quite the bargain hunter anyone who knows me knows that! I have used Poshmark to buy and sell many times. I don’t think I buy anything online anymore without checking Poshmark first to see if someone else is selling it for less.

Over 5 years of using the app, I have sold 178 listing and I have made $4,891.00. And that’s with the 20% Poshmark selling fee removed! Let’s not address how many things I’ve purchased :)

*Follow my closet @ebear25 / sign up using my code: HSYQK for 5$ off your first purchase!

6. NYX Eyebrow Pencil

I recently shared my love for this eyebrow pencil in my recent Microblading blog. I have tried a lot of brow pencils and this one is amazing and affordable, I used to only use the Micro Brow Pencil but it was thin so I went through them quickly, I discovered the Precision Brow Pencil and use them both now! I wear the color “Taupe” Its perfect for blondes that want a little darker/bolder brow!

7. Tongue Scrapper + A Dry Brush

Yes, a tongue scrapper- exactly what it sounds like. OK this one is kind of silly, but for the price, it’s worth buying. About a month ago my girlfriend told me about a tongue scraper and I ordered a pack of 2 on Amazon for $10 and both my husband and I enjoy having them! Second thing I adore in dry brushing. I’m not an expert ont he benefits of this- but I seem to have jumped on the band wagon pretty quickly. It can’t hurt, right? Here are all the health benefits of dry brushing. 

Check out the tongue scraper and the dry brush I bought!

8. Sonic Ring Cleaner

If you have any nice jewelry or diamonds, this sonic ring cleaner is a necessity! It might seem like over-kill considered to the alternatives but it takes a similar approach to what a jeweler does. All you need to add is water and dish soap, no special chemical or anything. Consider giving this to a new bride as a partial wedding gift or at her bridal shower- or buy it for yourself and shine on!

8 1/2. Avocado Toast

Wheat Bread, Avocado, Drizzle of honey, Red-Pepper Flakes… Just Try it

9. Bedtime Tea

Anyone else adopt drinking apple cider vinegar as a health benefit? I used to take a shot of Braggs apple cider vinegar every day. And then I had enough of the taste and I quit. I’ve also heard that method can be harsh on your teeth and your stomach. Recently I have been making it into a tea before I go to bed and I like this solution way more. A few people have asked why I drink it at night as other people suggest it as a morning drink. My main reason is I enjoy tea before bed. My other reasoning (I kind of made this up.. no scientific reasoning behind this, lol) is that ACV helps digestion and improves gut health. Your stomach has been through a lot the whole day so ending it with a little aid to all that action makes sense to me!

My Recipe:

  • 1T Braggs ACV
  • Water to fill cup
  • Squirt of Honey
  • Dash of Cinnamon

10. Zaful Swimwear

Most of my swimwear is from random brands I find at TJ Maxx or Marshalls. I typically wouldn’t suggest buying swimwear online since it is probably one of the pickiest items women buy. Although, I ordered 3 Zaful swimsuits online before our trip to Mexico in February and I am thanking myself now that the Minnesota Summer has arrived. For the price, I was incredibly impressed with the quality! The cons, the sizing is not consistent and the shipping takes awhile. But again- for the price it’s worth ordering a few and giving them a try.

These are the three swimsuits I ordered in smalls. I’ve noted how the sizing was for me.

Push Up Plunge Suit in Red: Runs a little small (fit me good, but would say it was more like an XS- feels like my boobs are about to pop out lol)
Bandeau Leopard Print Thong Bikini: Fit me Perfect! My favorite of all the suits.
Knotted Scoop Bikini: This looks the closest to the one I ordered, but the pink color offered is different. This suit came and was missing the middle tie and was far too big for me. Fits more like a medium!

You can easily Shop the items referenced here!

Well, that’s all I got for now. Let me know if any of you try any of my favorite things! I will do another one of these in a few months, I already have a few things on my radar so make sure to stop back to see what’s on the docket… 😊

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