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The Best Flats for Still Looking Like a Boss

Always go with flats. You’ll feel more powerful if you’re comfortable and not distracted.
—Anita Dhake

Don’t get me wrong, I love a sexy heel; but as I’ve transitioned into a corporate job I wear heels far less than I ever imagined. I find myself slightly bothered whenever I wear heels for a long time, I like to blame the beating basketball took on my feet over the years but I know it’s probably just because I am a baby when it comes to comfort.

I admire the women who wear them all day, every day. But accepted the fact that it’s just not me. I also believe that flats (when chosen right) can make just as much of an impact + statement as a pair of heels. Same goes for sneakers… fashion sneakers are hands down my favorite thing to buy! 

Before I am tempted to go into sneakers, let’s get back to the flats… there are so many kinds. While I think ballet flats may be the most common, I have never been big fan of the way they look on me. I’ve gravitated to pointed flats, sometimes with a slight heel, loafers, and recently– mules!

My favorite flats I own (pictured) are sold out, but they are a perfect example of flats that make a statement! I actually got these bad boys at Opitz in Minnesota. Any of my friends know that I am a frequent Opitz shopper  because it’s 70% OFF retail and they often get in waves of designer brands – which is where/how I snagged these flats. But Opitz is not for everyone, it is similar to a TJ Maxx, you can’t expect to find something every time you shop, and you have to be willing to look deep into the racks. I can’t resist a killer deal, so it’s a frequent stop for me.

Christian Louboutin Solasofia Hawaii Pointed-Toe / $625 SOLD OUT

As I said, these are sold out. But I’ve gathered my favorite flats for work & fun. Some of which I also own. I’m obsessing over the Nordstrom patterned ones for $119, they are Sam Edelman & they come in multiple (8) colors and patterns. The style reminds me of a Gucci loafer, at a much more reasonable price!

So, are you a flats or heels gal?


Like I stated above, I am a big bargain shopper. I very rarely pay full price for things unless it’s a must-have item or something that very infrequently goes on sale.

Here are some sites I always check out before I pull the trigger on an item:

Are they listed on Poshmark?
Is there any coupon codes listed on RetailMeNot?


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