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The Goodies in My Gym Bag

I am about as picky about what’s in my gym bag as I am on my gym attire. Very. I have mentioned before that I am a big believer in the “look good, feel good, play good” mentality. I am not talking about a full face of makeup- but comfortable, cute gym clothes that you feel good wearing. It’s kind of like going to a job interview- but for your health. You want to look good and in turn you will perform better. Same goes for the goods in your gym bag!

Now that we have a baby on the way my feelings on this topic are even more particular. I had to make sure that my supplements were baby safe. I also decided to upgrade some of my gym tanks to assure they will be belly friendly down the road. The rest of my favorite items were good to remain in my bag and I think it’s about time to share them with you!

So, what are the goodies in my gym bag?

First things first, the Bag Itself

I have thought about upgrading my gym bag for awhile now but haven’t really felt the need to. My current bag is this Tutilo Bag (very similar) & was purchased as a work traveling bag but turned into my gym bag and it’s actually worked great! I love all the interior pockets and I like the zipper closure option. Here is a similar one for half the price.


I can’t believe how many products are not considered “safe” for pregnant women, and pre workout or athletic supplements are NO exception.  So, I turned to Instagram stories for some help in this department and got some good ideas. I purchased the Beach Body Performance Energize (which my doctor approved) and so far I am liking it! I was also encouraged to try coffee or cold brew (just not my preference since I workout really early in the morning and don’t think I’d like a coffee then).  

Bluetooth Headphones

Beats by Dre were the first pair of bluetooth headphones that I purchased, and they were also one of the first to the markets. In the beginning I thought they were great, but as competitors started to enter the market I quickly learned there were many other options out there that were less expensive and kept a much longer charge. Below is the brand I’m using right now!

  • Sudio (I’ve used the Tre 99$ & Vasa LA  $79) > Heavy Duty, Fashionable, 9+ Hr charge Discount available (15% with code EMILYSTIEMSMA)

Resistance Bands

I don’t always use resistance bands in my workouts, but they are great when looking for ways to correct squatting form or for engagement of hard to target muscles, such as inner thigh or glutes. Plus, they are so inexpensive, might as well get yourself a pair and play around with using them in the gym or at home. This is the band set I purchased on Amazon!

Shop some of the goods from my gym bag!

Nike Lunarglides

Despite trying many brands and styles of shoes, nothing beats my Nike Lunarglides. I should say that I am not a huge runner so I can’t vouch for their ability to withstand lots of miles. I do however use the stairmaster a lot, lift, and wear them leisurely and can’t stray away from them!

THE BEST Hair Ties

Of course my gym bag is full of hair ties. But not your standard hair tie. My girlfriend showed me these spiral plastic hair ties, and I really like them! They still leave kinks in my hair but make a pretty cute messy bun and don’t make my head sore like the tight bands do sometimes.

Lululemon Align Pants

Primarily made for yoga and leisure, I can’t stay away from Lululemon Align pants! I have plenty of other leggings but can rarely be convinced to rep those instead of the aligns.  I wear these to the gym, to yoga, to the mall- anywhere. They are 24/7 leggings for me! Plus, they have a high waisted, belly approved waist band :)  

Post workout snacks

Prior to being pregnant, I was a big advocate for No Cow and Maurer Protein bars (linked my favorite kinds). Although, I haven’t had much of an appetite for protein bars so I’ve been sticking to KIND healthy grain bars and protein shakes!

My go-to shake recipe recently has been:
Chocolate Protein (Pro7ein Synthesis)
Coconut/Almond/Fairlife Milk
Almond Butter

The Booty Belt (would not suggest using this actually in the gym, lol)

A long time ago I came across the “Booty Belt” online and showed it to Greg, I was intrigued but hesitant to order because of cost – for a gym accessory of this type seemed excessive.  A few weeks later one arrived on our doorstep- Greg surprised me! I hate admitting it, but I haven’t gotten around to using this as much as I would like.

Although, when finding the link to share this one I discovered tons of knock-off brands way more reasonably priced. If you love getting an at home workout in you could give one of these (BootyCo Booty Belt, Booty Band Set) more affordable brands a try!

Have any suggestions of additions for my gym bag? Let me know!

Now go get sweaty!

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