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Top Clothing Finds Recap

Not only have my recent clothing finds saved my comfort and sanity with this growing bump, but I’ve added some pieces that will get tons of wear postpartum as well. I decided to do a little recap to share all of my favorite clothing additions incase you felt like doing some online shopping :) 

I will say most of my clothing purchases lately were from only a few retailers, ASOS, Aerie, Lululemon, Amazon and Nordstrom. As someone who usually likes to shop at discount retailers like TJ Maxx, I didn’t get there as often as I wanted and resorted to shopping online – which luckily resulted in good outcomes!

Here are my favorite finds from the different retailers:


First of all – ASOS has a wonderful maternity clothing selection. I have to share some of the few preggo tees I purchased. From cheesy to classy, I’ve been really happy with all of them.

Also this Overall Jumper Dress, need I say more? This is marked as maternity – but I totally intend on wearing this without a belly too!

Here are my picks!


I have always been a HUGE advocate for Lulu’s align leggings, but I wanted to find a cheaper version to wear throughout pregnancy. I am here to tell you that these high waisted leggings actually are comparable! The fit is almost the same, the only thing that varies is that the fabric is more “spandex” like silk and less soft and “cotton”. But for 1/5 the price – they are hard to pass up.

I also stocked up on a new bra and undies and I am loving these destroyed sweats!! Aerie is the best.


Tie back Tanks – I saw some girl at the gym wear this and hard to ask her where she got it. I knew that I needed to add a few to my closet. I love that they can be worn two ways!


I have received so many compliments on my pink Reebok sneakers that were such an impulse buy, and the price tag is unbeatable (based on your size). I also recently bought some nursing PJ’s from Amazon which aren’t just for nursing moms. So light and soft, I love long sleeve PJ night gowns! Does anyone else shop a lot for clothes on Amazon? I usually don’t but am considering giving it a try more often.

SHOP: UGG Sunshine Boot / Wave Wedding Band

Nordstrom- Zella Activewear

I love the Zella brand! I know I shared the maroon sweats below before but have to again. They are comfy but I don’t look like a total scrub wearing them in public. I have a few of their sweatshirts too and just adore them. My next buy is definitely the Cozy Bomber jacket below!

Pink Blush

At first look I thought Pink Blush was just for pregnant women – nope! I have ordered 4 dresses from them and continued to be impressed with the fit and comfort. These are all the softest dresses I have every owned!! I also love how majority of their items can be worn with a belly or not. It’s made getting dressed in cute maternity clothes these last few weeks much less stressful.

Here are my winners from Pink Blush:
SHOP > (Dress 1, Dress 2, Dress 3, Dress 4)

Oh and last but not least – a clothing suggestion for the man in your life!
Greg is obsessing over these BYLT tees! The have a “drop cut” or longer fit – so they fit him great, and a more average height man a little longer, but that is the idea.



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